Netflix support?

Hi Sam and co

First up, as always, many many thanks for your efforts over the years. I’m still running Kodi 14.2 on 2 x ATV1s, and going strong. I haven’t been brave enough to make the jump to OSMC as yet, as I don’t really have a need.

However, I have been thinking of upgrading to a Vero2 (or two), as I’m sure that I’ll appreciate the buttery smoothness with 1080p, Youtube, library updates, etcetera. The one missing feature that would DEFINITELY see my parents (in their late 60’s, no clue whatsoever about anything technical) purchase a Vero2 would be Netflix support. I can GUARANTEE 2 x sales of Vero2s if they worked with Netflix, in our family alone, and I’m sure it would be a HUGE selling point just generally.

So, how about it? I’ve looked through the forums, and the talk about Netflix seems to have died. Is there any hope on the horizon, either near or distant? Obviously native support (eg. maybe via the NetfliXBMC addon?) would be preferable, rather than switching from Linux to Android, but obviously we’ll take what we can get.

Thanks guys, I look forward to some positive news. :slight_smile: I hope everyone out there is healthy and happy. Peace!

Hi Phil

It’s good to hear the aTV1 is still working well for you. I think upgrading to a Vero 2 is a good idea – although I’m naturally a little biased!

Android release for Vero 2 is imminent. You can use Netflix on that, but DRM and geolocation restrictions apply.

Let me know if you have any further questions, and send me an email ( if you are buying more than one and we can work something out



Thanks for your prompt reply, Sam. I wonder, how imminent is the Android release? also, will there be a big announcement to let us all know when it’s released?


There will be a blog post when Android is ready.I have been tied up with the Samba issue for the past few days.