Network Detected Icon & Splash Screen Weirdness/Question

So I just received my Raspbmc update to Kodi and 2 things showcase that are just weird to me at least.

  1. When I get the notification in the lower right corner saying that a network is detected with my static assigned IP; the icon is a red x. That needs to be adjusted because I was checking my system up and down and couldn’t find anything wrong with connectivity at all.

  2. The splash screen on reboot still showcases the Raspbmc logo that dances around the screen; shouldn’t this be the new Kodi logo?

So far my automatic update has ran smoothly with my SMB shares via wireless and everything.

You are on the wrong forum. This forum is for the new and upcoming OSMC. You should stick with for legacy products.

  1. I’m not sure why you have an X icon, but that would indicate a script error.
  2. The Raspbmc logo has always been shown, even when the Kodi was called XBMC.