Network file share issue kodi 19

I am using raspberry pi 4 with osmc with kodi 19 and when I try to share a file (like a subtitle .srt or an inage) from my android phone I am using es explorer or other file managers , scan the network , find osmc and then when I click in one folder in order to open, it can’t open. I have enabled upnp,sbm and allow remote via http but it doesn’t work. I was using this method to transfer files from my android phone to libreelec and to openelec but for some reason I can’t do that on osmc. Any solutions ?

Thank you

Did you install Samba Server from App Store?

This should solve your issue.

By appstore you mean the android store on my phone?

No OSMC AppStore. Under MyOSMC → AppStore

If ssh is installed on OSMC, I think sftp works by default.
ES File Explorer supports sFTP, I believe. Yep.

Many Samba clients on Android use a free implementation that only supports vers1 of SMB, which is easy to hack. Throwing LANMAN passwords around a LAN, basically unencrypted, isn’t good.
Win7 supports vers 2.1 of the CIFS protocol. I think Win8 and later added support for CIFS v3. If the CIFS server supports encryption, it isn’t bad for LAN-only transfers.

For people interested in knowing exactly which CIFS version your CIFS server/Samba support, we can use nmap:
$ sudo nmap --script smb-protocols 192.168.x.x
For example:

$ sudo nmap --script smb-protocols
Starting Nmap 7.80 ( ) at 2021-05-14 08:47 EDT
Nmap scan report for

Host script results:
| smb-protocols:
| dialects:
| 2.10
| 3.00
| 3.02
|_ 3.11

Sorry about the formatting. is an Ubuntu 18.04 server running Samba with both:

min protocol = SMB2
client min protocol = SMB2
server signing = mandatory

Configured in the /etc/samba/smb.conf [global] section. Restart the smbd service after any changes. I’d be surprised if this didn’t work the same for all full Samba servers. Some samba implementations from really cheap network storage devices and some routers strip out much of the Samba implementation, breaking the better CIFS supported versions. Haven’t seen that in 5+ yrs. OSMC would use the full, current samba, implementation, so no worries there.