Network manager not listed in "My OSMC"

Hi everyone,
I got some troubles after installing OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 1 with the network menu.

The first time I booted the OSMC, the network icon was present on the interface, but after few reboots, I can’t get it anymore.

For information, I previously switch to console and install dnsmasq in order to have a light DHCP server on the raspberry pi, but I can’t think this is related.

I already tried to reboot several time, with ethernet plugged-in and without, with Wifi adapter plugged-in and without, so I’m running out of options.

Here my debugging logs if you can see what’s wrong on it:


Hey, looks to be related to the DHCP server you’ve installed…

Aug 15 17:14:22 osmc connmand[219]: eth0 {add} address label eth0 family 2
Aug 15 17:14:22 osmc connmand[219]: eth0 {add} route gw scope 253

Try a clean install and post back if you have further issues.