Network Problems after Power outtake


I’m using osmc since a while now. Network was working properly for months now, but after a power outage the nework dows not connect automatically after a (re-)boot. I have to go to the osmc menu, disable wifi and enable it again, and voila, it connects without a flaw. Apart from that I do not see any other problems with the box/osmc/kodi.

The logs are here:

Logs available at

What I have tried so far:

remove all network configurations from /var/lib/connman and set up wifi from scratch. No change in behaviour. Any suggestions apart from a reinstall?

If you mean after a general power outage which also took down your router, have you checked the router is still set up correctly?

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The log shows a few errors that might possibly suggest some kind of file corruption but I see you have a version of the package vero3-wifi-osmc from the staging repo (updated on 2018-06-17 at 12:17:18):

ii  vero3-wifi-osmc                      1.1.0-9                        armhf        Broadcom patchram implementation for Vero

It might be worth seeing if the problem disappears after reinstalling version 1.1.0-8:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall vero3-wifi-osmc=1.1.0-8

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I tought it might have something to do with a file corruption. I’m back at my box on Thursday to try …

WiFi improvements are a bit experimental.

Would appreciate if others could test.


I’ve installed the old package as suggested by @dillthedog , unfortunately no luck. After a restart or poweroff/poweron I need to go manually to osmc settings - network. Select wifi. The status is enabled, but “no connection available”, I disable wifi and enable it again and the connection is working after that.

Update: I reinstalled all packages, and voila, it workes again. So some file was corrupted and a reinstall cured it.