Network Problems revisited

I just installed OSMC RC on my Pi 2. I’m using an Edimax 7811Un, and I’m having connection issues, again
I didn’t have this when I was using alpha 4 on my Pi2. Though as you may recall I did, when I was on my Pi.

Well, in any case here is my dmesg log
list of wireless kernel modules

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You’ll need to describe the symptoms of the problem - the log files alone won’t tell us what problem you may be experiencing.

The link is droping sporadically. And it’s taking two minutes to come up, on reboot. when I was using Aplha 4 on my pi the link came up within seconds, of kodi coming up. and it disconnects by itself too.

I think you guys fixed it on an update. It was this way with the initial boot of osmc RC. and after the initial update.

Still there, it dropped connection again.

maybe my power supply. I swapped it and everthing seems to work.

dropped again. So not the ps.


Excatly the same behavior on a Pi2 with a Dlink DWA-121 802.11n Wireless N 150 Pico Adapter [Realtek RTL8188CUS]
Like jloh, it was working fine on the Alpha 4.

Funny or not I have edimax 7811Un and Dlink dwa 121 and both drop wifi connection like yours on rc and works pefect on alpha 4.

Wifi also show wrong connection strenght on both on rc and correct connection strenght on alpha 4.

Hope someone can figur this our.

Until this works, I’m using this 50’ ethernet cable. Hey, it’s ugly but it works! If there are any other logs I can provide you. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

I updated the armv7-network-osmc package earlier today, and for the moment, i didn’t have any connection drops since then (5-6 hours, which is much more than usual).

I’ll let you know how it goes

Same problem here, constant wifi disconnections.

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 050d:2103 Belkin Components F7D2102 802.11n N300 Micro Wireless Adapter v3000 [Realtek RTL8192CU]

Can you try to update the armv7-network-osmc package just to check ?

Édit : wifi just dropped again… :-/

The new arm7-network-osmc package from yesterday did the trick.

how do you update this arm7-network-osmc package?

do you just run sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade?

Hi, not sure if this helps for you but I had also strange network problems.
While streaming vevo I had a lot of lags and ping latency was very high.

I had wifi settings automatically configured and have seen that there was a strange secondary dns entered. I have changed it manually to and all is working fine now. Even if I turn on automatically configuration via dhcp again.

Yes. I did the update yesterday, but i didn’t noticed any improvement =/

Yes, it was fine for about 6 hrs, of non use. So i thought it was fixed, but after using it for an hour or so it dropped the link, so back to ethernet for me, until this is fixed.

It looks like the signal is MUCH weaker than it was on the alpha 4. I have a more stable connection as i put my Pi closer to the wifi emitter.
But it’s really not that stable, and both the Pi and the Wifi router are in the same room, 4 meters away, with absolutely nothing between them…

I was excited to see the wifi get a new update again yesterday, but it was short lived. It came on fast, which is good. It tries now for a reconnection which is also good. When I was having problems I looked at my network information and it says as it usually does, when I have trouble, busy, which goes to not connected, and usually stays not connected. But now it seems to retry, so it reconnected itself.

So it still drops the wifi at times, after using it, for a while.

Here are the logs should anyone want to take a look:
osmc@osmc:~$ dmesg|paste-log
osmc@osmc:~$ cat .kodi/temp/kodi.log|paste-log
osmc@osmc:~$ uname -a
Linux osmc 3.18.9-5-osmc #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Mar 11 18:59:35 UTC 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux
I’m running osmc RC on a Raspberry pi 2 model B.
The last dist-upgrade I did was just before I booted the box last.
the time I last booted should be on the dmesg output.

If you need any other logs just ask