Network Problems

I had a working system and added a PVR client to connect to my WMC server. At the same time I installed an MPEG-2 license key and the VC-1 license key. The Raspberry P2 was configured for DHCP on a wired network. When I turned it back on after editing the config file to add the licenses it seemed to take forever to connect to the network. I get an annoying message popping up that says “PVR WMC Client - Connection lost”…that appears.every 20 seconds or so. There is no network activity on the NIC then suddenly after approximately 5 minutes the NIC comes back to life and lights up and is “happy” again…it gets the same IP address it had before. I performed a clean install of OSMC from scratch and nothing changes. I’m stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That should not stump you but tell you that something is wrong in your LAN. If you want some help provide mdesg log from OSMC and also the logfile from your DHCP server.

Also temporary try to set a fixed IP and then check your network stability from OSMC.

Well messages that tell you something is wrong with your setup can be helpful. Anyhow if you don’t have a stable connection (e.g. myself the PVR server and the Client are not in the same country) you can disable that in the TV settings.

Thanks for the reply. I’m sure you are probably right but no other devices on the LAN have a problem. The issues with this device move with the device when I change the location of the device and the problems started immediately after adding the PVR client and licenses. Those facts together with there being no lights on the NIC for 5 minutes make me point the finger at the Raspberry P2 vs the LAN which has had no changes!

I will try the static IP and see how that goes, if that doesn’t work I will get the logs once I figure out how exactly to do that. Thanks for the ideas.

I think I understood you correct that your problem still was persistent after you did a clean install without PVR and licences and at it’s original location, correct?

It was working fine for a month.

Last night I added the PVR Client and licenses and immediately experienced the issue after powering it back on. At that time I fiddled with the cable into the NIC and happened to get the lights come on. I assumed it was a poor connection and left it running.

This morning it was apparent I still had a problem so this evening I moved it to another location and experienced the same behavior. A this second location I did a clean install and witnessed the same behavior. I have not yet put it back to the original location since it is not convenient to do so.

Looks really strange. Did you plugin the logitech after you booted or at a later time?
Also could this maybe a power issue?

[quote=“fzinken, post:7, topic:12668, full:true”]
Looks really strange. Did you plugin the logitech after you booted or at a later time?
[/quote]Logitech is for KB as I only have 1 KB and moving it between Raspberry and main computer. Behavior is unchanged no matter whether it is plugged in or not.

[quote=“fzinken, post:7, topic:12668”]
Also could this maybe a power issue?
[/quote]I wouldn’t think so but don’t know.

2 hours wasted and tired will look another day. Thanks

Thats ok, just wanted to check as the USB message only popped up delayed. So you only plugged it in after booting?

I have another Pi2 without these issues and configured the same way. During boot of this “good” Pi2 there is NIC activity immediately on the OSMC splash screen displaying. That is different behavior to what I see on this “bad” device.

Are there any diagnostic utilities that can check for hardware issues?