Network Throughput Decreases with Time... CPU Temp?

I have two Vero 4K+'s on the same LAN network.
One works flawlessly.
But the other starts complaining that the source is too slow for playback a few minutes into any 4K content.
They are both streaming off of the same server and have essentially identical settings (just different host names).

After trying the WiFi interface, swapping cables, swapping switches, moving the Vero around the house, etc. I am stumped.

If I let it sit for a while and run iperf3 against the content server it will show 800 Mbits/sec across several runs on both wired and wireless interfaces.

If I then try to play a 4K movie, it’s fine for a few minutes and then freezes and complains that the source is too slow. If I check iperf3 it will have dropped to 200 Mbits/sec. After rebooting, it is now down to 30 Mbits/sec.

The only correlation I can think of is CPU temperature. Sitting here watching the System Info, the throughput was <30 Mbits/sec when the CPU was 68 °C. Now it’s doing about 45 Mbits/sec at 63 °C. It was 59-60 °C when it was giving 200 Mbits/sec right after playback went pear shaped. But even that does not seem to be very reproducible… it cooled to 62 °C while I was writing this post and is still giving 43 Mbits/sec.

In all instances the wired and wireless follow the same trend and even give almost identical speeds.

Does it only impact the TX direction? Sounds like one of the early devices with issues. We can replace this for you.

Actually, yes, that seems to be the case… If I run iperf3 with the -R flag it gives >900 Mbits/sec!

When I bought the two Veros, one of them had issues with network throughput, but it was different from this — it was totally unusable, dropping connections and such. That one was replaced and is the one that currently works flawlessly.

I think we need to replace the other one then.

If you ping with a link to this thread we will take care of it.
Fortunately the Ethernet issues are now truly done and dusted; but with the first initial units, not so much.


Will do, thanks!