New 4K Samsung TV appears to have affected stability of 4K+

I got a new 4K Samsung TV to go with my (3rd) 4K+!

Haven’t spent a lot of time setting TV up (other than rushing to connect 4K+ to TV and checking out what 4K content actually looks like!). I did set Vero display on 4K+ to 4096 x 2160.

Anyway 4K content looks crazy perfect :slight_smile: TVs sure have come a long way in 12 short years :slight_smile:

Had it running for an hour now and weirdly new TV appears to have had an adverse affect on the (usually rock solid) stability of my 4K+.

This is noticeable when I browse to System>System info. Doing this (30-50% of time) locks up the mediacenter app, and I need to sudo systemctl restart mediacenter to get mediacenter back up.

Ran log upload, wondered if it might just be coincidence so just tried again as I wrote this post.

Hung on Summary, then after 10 seconds my down selections all kicked in at once and in landed on Privacy Policy. Attempts to navigate up and down System>System info options cause locks ups then all the key entries kick in at once, landing me a various options; a bit like selection roulette.

Happening all the time now … takes 15 secs for up / down selections to work. Top still working and doesn’t really show anything hogging resources.

Could just be me, but generally navigation also seems a bit sugglish.

My TV HDMI port seems to think the Vero is a PC, however CEC from TV remote all good.

Can a new TV have an adverse affect on Vero? Is there a setting on these smart TVs which I’ve overlooked?

Samsung model is : 55"Q6FN QLED 4K HDR.
TV Software Version: 1202

PS: Just checked out top while playing 4K content and says Kodi at 382.9% of CPU and picture is very jumpy and poor. 720p content runs Kodi at 56%.


Cheers, Geoff.

I’m running a 4k+ on a new Samsung nu8000 4k tv. I’m running the gui at 1080p and have adjust resolution always in player to play everything natively and let the tv upscale. Works great!

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As @modul8 wrote recommendation is:

Did you by accident disable HW Acceleration? Whats the Codec of the file you try to play?

nope, HW acceleration on. Locks up even when not playing file. I’ve rebooted and CPU playing 4K is 20-30%, so I don’t think related to codec / hw decode.

Did you change back GUI to 1080p

Yes, setting now 1920x1080@59.94Hz - Full Screen.

Still locking up all the time; happens when navigating up and down System info menu under System Settings. Locks up for anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds then executes all up down commands and at once. I had a look at Top when it did this and nothing untoward I can see.

Other aspects of menu navigation seem to take longer than they did with old HD TV … recent example is adding video files from /mnt … did eventually work but the ‘working’ round icon took much longer than usual … navigating around mount (back and forward) took far longer than usual, with lots of ‘working’ going on.

Also playing my new 4K videos system also locks up especially when using skip to jump ahead, as does navigating around my library. Old HD vids lock up too.

I’m wondering if I knocked my USB HDD when I was fiddling around the back of cabinet connecting new TV, and issues are caused by iffy local storage device or connection. Running df -h command also takes longer than usual … mmm … could this be the genesis of my issues … might explain lockups … 'll check usb cable and educate myself on the intricacies of checking ext3 file systems and report back.

… sorted fsck and successfully kicked off test, which in itself might indicate disk IO is OK. Read only checking for bad blocks and now running (2.54% completed). Will leave running … off to work now and will check tonight.

If no issue is found with local disk I’ll perhaps try try removing all local usb sources and add exclusively from NAS to remove the disk from equation.

Thanks, and any other suggestions gratefully received.

Cheers, Geoff.

Well as something simple as Navigation is impacted you could try with a backup/clean Kodi

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi .kodi_backup
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Keeping an eye on this


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thanks, got nice new skin now, however still hangs. Will try unmounting usb hdd and rebooting … I have my suspicions that this may be at fault. Cheers, Geoff.

Sorted, fixed and working like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks to Fzinken and Sam for helping and being across this. I had feared that I might need to take my new TV back :frowning: Such a relief I (I mean we) can keep it.

Hanging issue almost certainly related to the addition of a TV onto the network - this is how stuff went down … unplugged some stuff from router, added new TV, plugged stuff back in, NAS ip address changed … I had NFS fstab IP based mounts that weren’t in use, pointed at NAS IP address that wasn’t available. I think this confused Vero, possibly especially so wrt system info which lists mounts and might be trying to confirm mounts.

Memo to self. Set NAS location in fstab to hostname or give NAS a static IP.

Few minor issues with playback on UHD ‘sample’ files downloaded which I think are related to dodgy media files - pb stops at the same spot every time and timer keeps ticking over. I’ll try some of those reference files, but I strongly suspect related to iffy files. Also when skipping ahead sound sometimes a bit late to kick-in. (I know lots of 5.1, Atmos and Dolby stuff in the mix so god knows what arragements have been made between ARC HDMI and Soundbar).

WAF has inched slightly up due to improved clarity of new TV + UHD content (understatement of the year) and better sound from new Bose sound bar.


Cheers, Geoff.

Even things that go without saying must sometimes be said :wink:
Glad you are now sorted.

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