New install - File Not Found

My Raspberry Pi OSMC crashed and refused to boot, so I reinstalled the latest version using OSMC Installer. Once it was fully installed I transferred over the advancedsettings.xml file that I’ve been using to share databases with two Kodi setups. I rebooted the Pi and all of the shows show up, but when I try to play one, it comes back with the “This file is no longer available” error. I can play that same file from my Android box, using the same shared database. I can communicate with the Pi through a web interface, so I know that it can communicate with the network.

Can someone shed some light on this?

-=[ EDIT ]=-

Apparently, even though the database was recognized due to the advancedsettings, the files aren’t available unless you add the associated directories through Videos. So… thanks guys :slight_smile:

Well you should have copied other files like sources.xml

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Did not know that! Live and learn :slight_smile:

When have your set uo running as you want it take a copy of the home/osmc/.kodi/userdata directory and keep it in a safe place, redo this copy any time you make settings changes and then you’ll always have a backup to reinstall from.

Or you can use the backup settings option in the My OSMC page.

I actually do have that backed up… I just had a brain fart I guess and didn’t think about using that! D’oh!