New installation - not working


I’ve just installed Retrosmc using the scripts from retrOSMCmk2 on OSMC 18.6.

Everyhting seemed to go well, but now all I get, once I try to access the RetroPie menu from Programs, Kodi is shut down (OK) but then I’m left with a black screen only. My TV is capable of 1080p and 50/60Hz so I don’t see if image configuration is an issue.
Worse than that is that, once I instruct the pi to reboot (via SSH) then it will simply not reboot and looks like it just crashes and becomes unresponsive.
So, what is going on here? The mcobit installation worked, I just didn’t have the menu item (main reason why I installed the retrOSMCmk2).

The fact that trying to launch it via the console will tell me that there is an issue with emulstation makes me think the installation didn’t go properly:

osmc@osmc:~/RetroPie/scripts$ ./
chown: cannot access '/usr/bin/emulationstation': No such file or directory
./ line 25: /usr/bin/emulationstation: Permission denied

osmc@osmc:~/RetroPie/scripts$ ls -la /usr/bin/ | grep emulationstation

Should I just re-install?

EDIT: In the meantime, I-ve come to verify that core modules are not installed, particularly, due to an error installing vlc omxplayer which, seems to be unavailable?

EDIT #2: Well, I managed to advance on the setup by installing omxplayer manually using the instructions on omxplayer missing from latest osmc repo · Issue #5 · hissingshark/retrOSMCmk2 · GitHub, but there is also an issue open on Retropie: Problem with RetroPI installation on OSMC missing omxplayer repository - RetroPie Forum

Thanks for the help in advance