New larger HDD with SATA / IDE adapter


If I were to install a larger hard drive in my ATV1, What would be the best (and easiest) way to transfer all the settings from my current setup ?


Use the OSMC Backup tool

Backup tool worked very well. 1TB in ATV1 now. It was a little hard to make the new HDD fit in there with the SATA adapter but it works just great now. I think UI certainly feels faster now than with 40G drive.

Hi olc_OKI,
please send us pictures of your job. It could be usefull for everyone.

I don’t think I’ll be opening the atv just for photos, sorry. I’m running transmission on it so it stays on pretty much all the time. The UI is very responsive, faster than what I expected actually. It is more or less comparable to what I used before (mac mini 2007). Album view with thumbs in music is maybe a bit slower though. Long press on atv remote puts the video in background while u can navigate kodi. It is works extremely well with SD files but HD stuff can be a bit more sluggish.

As for the HDD, it could be barely fit inside with the adapter but I noticed the end of the IDE had some extra unnecessary blue plastic thing. So I broke it to remove it. It was just a few millimeters wide but that was enough to put the HDD perpendicular to the power supply.

Just another thing, I used an hybrid drive with 32gb SSD.