New Model B+ slight issue (I think)

Hi Guy’s

Sorry if this seems a bit daft, I only have limited time per day (30 mins) for internet access due to work.

I have had running 2 Mk1 Pi’s running various toys and another for XBMC, ive just collected a new B+ and looking to get XBMC on that.

Am I missing something as I cant seem to see any for it, ive had / got OSMC on it at the mo?

Sorry if this seems daft but im struggling.

Ta very much.


First we have to get something established before we can help you out.

OSMC = the operating system running underneath Kodi.
Kodi = formely known as XBMC

OSMC is running Kodi (XBMC) already, so if you have OSMC installed, you also have Kodi (XBMC).
OSMC however is by default in Kodi running a customized skin specifically for OSMC.

Are you confused because you are looking for the default skin called Confluence?