New openssh-server?

Hello guys,

i’m updating my Vero after quite some time over " sudo apt-get update" / “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”.

Now a windows appeared, that there is a new version of openssh-server, but the present file has been modified locally".

I’m not sure if i should allow to replace the current file?

Would be thankful for advice.


Mario Pedro

Have you made and local modifications to the config file yourself? If yes then you might want to keep your config, if not then I don’t see a problem with replacing it.


do u mean like editing the file over the Terminal? No, i’m not that skilled… I don’t even know what this openssh-server thing is and why i should/could edit it :see_no_evil:

The weird thing:

The new file is locted at /tmp/filetkCk1I… The old one is /etc/ssh/sshd_config…


In that case I don’t think there would be too much of an issue overwriting it then. One reason I’d personally be keen to overwrite it is that till you do it’ll warn you every time the package gets updated


i overwrote it. Didn’t seem to have broken anything :wink:

It is unrelated but is there a reason why, after i changed my password for SSH connection, it still uses the default osmc/osmc for my Home Network?

I mean at SSH level it is the new password, to access the content from Vero over my PC for example, its still the


Samba password and ssh password are two different things. Use smbpasswd -a osmc to change the samba password.

We have our own SSH config and we mark it as a conffile so it can be overridden.
Overriding the whole file has always seemed excessive to me: using an inclusive approach (conf.d) would be a better long term solution where we can set sane defaults but still track upstream.



Thanks for all the replies.

I updated the file, nothing i can do anymore :see_no_evil:
Everything seems to be running fine atm.

@ooZee : didn’t know that, i will change the samba password as soon as possible.

Please feel free to close this thread


Mario Pedro