New power supply or powered hub?

I’m getting the dreaded lightening bolt symbol almost constantly, and have also been experiencing some “time out” issues with my NAS.

Unfortunately the “time out” issues coincided with me changing the way the wifi was set up in my house and re-installing osmc, so I can’t be 100% certain that it is power related, but i’m going with the assumption that it is unless someone tells me otherwise.

I’ve been using the same power supply for about 4 years to run xbmc and now osmc, but i guess the demands of osmc are now such that the power supply can’t keep up.

I have a USB wifi dongle plugged into the Raspberry pi, so what i’m wondering is: do I just need a better 2.4a power supply, or do i need a powered hub?

If using USB WiFi only, and no hard disks, you just need a good power supply.


Thanks Sam. It arrived today.

The lightning bolt appears to be gone, but I’m still getting the same “time out” issues. I’ll start a new topic, as the focus is no longer on the power supply.

Hi James

Thanks for confirming delivery.

The PSU certainly won’t hurt.

Re. NAS; try a log of the issue and I am sure we can advise.