New release - Am I missing something?

So currently my Pi2 shows the following system information:

OSMC Kodi 15.2 10-21-15

Under my visualizations I only have the following listed:


I read in an older post that more vis were going to be added … have new ones been added? how does one find the new ones…??

On the “My OSMC Screen” 2015-10-1

under app store I only have the following listed:

FTP Server
Transmission Torrent
SSH Server
Cron Task

I was under the impression that “more” apps were to be added?

Did you read the release notes ?

You’ll find what’s new there…


We were planning to add additional visualisations, but @popcornmix’s repository has it covered reasonably well. I’m happy to include his repository on appropriate platforms in a future release.

Regarding the App Store: we are working on some more applications – check out the testing subforum and keep your eyes peeled for more applications. We only push new Applications to the App Store once they’ve been verified as stable, performant, and to the quality you’d expect from OSMC. We take our releases very seriously.

If you’d like to see a new App in particular in OSMC’s App Store, don’t hesitate to let us know.



Ok thanks for the info Sam … I’ll check out popcorn’s repo.

I don’t currently have any apps in mind … just was making sure i didn’t miss anything since the avail list looked like what i remember it “originally” looking like

Thanks again for everything

Is there a way to get popcorn mix’s vis by just using the Pi ? I can’t seem to locate it

Yes, i believe you can just add his repositories. See


I tried adding that via System / file manager / add source… and just get a folder called “repository.popcornmix” that is empty when I go to System / Settings / add-ons / install from zip

Something i’m doing wrong?

I was finally able to use above link to download zip file to a PC and then transfer to an external HD then install onto Pi from external HD

I put the .zip file in my home folder just now. Then went to System > Add-ons > Install from zip file and it installed just fine.

The only addon I see there is Shadertoy. That sound right?