New Remote Control

I am very disappointed with the new remote.
The jump functions have disappeared to be replaced by the volume control, which is useless.
Can we reprogram it? Where to find a tutorial?
Can I buy the previous version (I have 2) which was much better?

Get the Kodi add on called keymap editor under program add-ons. You should be able to reassign keys there

Thanks alot, I will ask to my wife this evening (she’s the technical support here ^^)

Hehe. Here’s the wiki for it

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The buttons in bottom, which is now volume keys, has never been jump keys. So stop complaining about that :wink:

I have two Vero 4K, bought in october and november 2017, and one bought in november 2018.
As you can see the command at the bottom changed. And I prefer the previous one. So do as you wish, but I’ve got the right to complain and to prefer the old one. ! :slight_smile:

I was abble to advance 1’ 5’, 10’, or to go back as I choose.

The left/right keys that surround OK will do a better job of what you want anyway?

Press it once for 10 seconds, twice quickly for 1 min, 3 for 3 mins, etc. You can modify the size of these jumps. Up and down will skip up/down in chapters if the file has them.

You can still do that, using the left and right arrow keys next the OK button.

The bottom keys actually provided FF and RW functionality; which doesn’t work on well on Kodi. As such, we replaced these keys for volume buttons which we were frequently requested.

You can use keymap editor to reinstate these buttons as FF / RW keys; but this functionality has never worked very well in Kodi.


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Thanks a lot !

Can I say I like the new remote :slight_smile: Just my 2p !
Does everything I need and controls the volume on my Sonos soundbar…spot on :slight_smile:

Of course you can. But I don’t need that, as I’m using the TV remote for that ^^