New Synology and TV-Shows are not indexed/updated anymore

Hi, I just installed a new Synology 215J after my previous Synology DS209 died a week ago The old one was running DSM 4.2 and the new one is running on DSM 5.2-5592 but …I cannot get my TV Shows, stored on the DS215J, added to the main menu anymore nor are the TV Shows properly indexed with episode descriptions. I can access them using the File option but I never saw this strange behavior with my previous Synology.
Note that it doesn’t matter how to access the Synology from OSMC, either as NFS or SMB, in both cases I do not get the TV Show descriptions/fanarts. The only thing, apart from the new Synology,that has changed in the mean time is that the OSMC has been upgraded to 2015-09.1 in the few days I was waiting for the delivery of the new Synology. Does anybody have an idea or have come across a similar problem?

I’ve checked and googled and what was needed on 4.2 (a security_lock change in the export file) doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore in 5.2 so I have not applied that fix. Further, I followed all the instructions recommendations for NFS but I have the same problem with SMB so I think it is not related to the NFS options. Maybe I’m going to give OpenELEC a try in order to narrow down who/what is causing this issue.

Any thoughts, suggestions or recommendations are very welcome and much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Did a complete new install of 2015-08.1 and now it is working again so it had nothing to do with the new Synology installation. Going to update to 2015-09.x to see what will happen then after this update… If the problems comes back, I’ll revert to 2015-08.1 and stay on that version for a while…

For now, this issue can be closed.

Tried a fresh install of 2015-09.2 and the problem came back. So, for me 2015-09.2 is broken. Going to install 2015-08.1 and stay on that version.