New to 3D

Hi guys,

Now I got myself a brand new nice big screen, I have the ability to view in 3D now.
I know there are a couple of options…

  • Side By Side
  • Top And Bottom
  • Multi View Coding

Which is better (in what order)?

What I understand all is supported in Kodi, but how is the naming standard?
I tried both HSBS and HTAB in the naming, apart from 3D offcourse, but when I look with tvservice -s it shows FP instead of the other two, why is that?

I tried with my ripped Guardians of the Galaxy bluray as ISO, it just plays as 2D…

I’m kinda new to 3D so would love some help, thanks! :innocent:

Only frampacked 3d will give you full resolution.
On line interleaved (passive 3d) TVs, the best option is top-bottom as it will be displayed line by line anyway and you will get the best results with that. If you have a shutter glass (active 3d) tv, then sbs or htab will yield same result of halfed resolution.

Here is an overview:

Edit: You have to tell kodi that it is a 3d movie in the filename by adding the corresponding tag. Then it will give you a selection at movie start where you can choose in what format it should send it to the tv.