New update every day for 3 days?

Since the September update, every day my box will announce that there’s a new update downloaded that needs to be installed. I say OK, it does something that doesn’t take much time, and we’re OK.

At first I thought it was an emergency patch pushed or something, but now that it’s happened 3 days in a row I fear something is awry… thoughts?

This month there were unfortunately I think 2-3 additional updates due to issues that crystallised after initial roll-out. But the last one should have been on the 3rd so you should not be affected anymore.
Suggest you do one more update check via MyOSMC. And if the messages comes back tomorrow report back with log files attached

If everything’s working fine, you have nothing to worry about.


No worries, I’m glad that’s all it was. It had just never happened before even once, so it seemed like I might be in some kind of loop!

Nope – just a couple of fixes for some disk mounting changes we introduced to prepare for Debian 9.