New user questions

Hi all, my box came yesterday and I have a couple of questions:

  1. The box seems to have the Jan update on. I thought I’d seen there was a Feb update but it says no update found?
  2. I added some movies to the library from my external drive. I get “Unable to connect to remote server” - the internet is working and I can install addons.
  3. When the box is on standby/red light, how do you turn it on?


There’s not been a February update released yet.

Standby support comes in the next update.
If you shut it down via the Power menu, you’ll need to turn it back on by unplugging and replugging.

Hard to say without a debug log. It’s possible a scraper is experiencing a lot of traffic and is temporarily unavailable.

Super quick reply! So i seems the only issue is the scraper. I’ll try again in a bit!

A debug log might help us see what’s going on. See You should be able to upload a log from My OSMC easily enough. If you enable debugging this should let us see what the issue is.


I think I’ve done that here:

Fixed it! The movie database plugin needed an update :slight_smile:

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Glad to read this.

I’ve just ordered my Vero4K. And now wont panic or curse too much if I hit issues.

I currently run LibreElec on an ASUSVM42 and wanted a standalone but integrated solution to stream from the NAS.

Off to browse the forum.