New Vero 4k+ crashing

We bought a new Vero 4k+ on (May 3, 2021)

It has been in Swedish customs for several weeks. So I did the setup this weekend.

The setup went well. Then i configured my nas share with NFS. Exactly the same as my 2 other Veros.
Then the new Vero chrashed when scaraping for movies. And now it is stuck in boot mode with this te


I’d suggest reinstalling OSMC from the Download page.

Did you have any hard shutdown or power loss? This could have corrupted the internal file system, but should be trivial to resolve

You can also try swapping the Vero in place with the other one - so the other peripherals are the same, but either way I think a reinstall is needed.



No power loss or hard shutdown that wasent nesessary.
Already tested with another Vero in that place. So it is the new Vero that is the problem.

Ok then i will do a reinstall.
Will report back after that

Reinstall went fine.
But when scraping this happened…

What I mean is test with a good set of peripherals (including PSU) and anything else attached.

Yes i have done that.
I have also tested with a New psu, new hdmi cable, new ethernet cable. Thats the only thing that is connected to it and the remote

Now i got this

Are you able to boot the system at all?

We could perform a low level format of the storage if you have a USB A cable and Windows PC.

Yes, sometimes.
Have it up and running for the moment

Doesn’t think i have a usb A to A cable.

Will look tomorrow or go and buy one

OK – let’s keep an eye on it.

That was yesterday when i stopped the scraper searching for movies.
When the library is updating it crashes and these text comes up to the display.

I have found a usb A cable so now it is possible to do what you suggested yesterday. Something is necessary to do because it is not working properly.
And everything is the same setup wise as my other Veros as I wrote

Now it crashed in the menu when i pressed on Movies.
No updating library was present…

That doesn’t look good.

Give me a ping to with a link to this thread and I’ll take care of this quickly



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Have you got my email?


I’m currently travelling so looking at emails a bit less frequently. If I don’t pick it up tonight, I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning



Thank you

I’m catching up on this now.


Hi, i’m new here.
so i just saw your post and i’m having a similar problem.
I plugged my vero 4k for the first time and it boots up and then just crashes, sometimes even before getting to the main menu.
any ideas on how to fix this? i’ve tried reinstalling the osmc software off of a usb drive but the system keeps crashing just as if there was no drive inserted.

this is really frustrating …