New Vero 4K+ No Sound at all

I’ve been setting up my new box and I can’t get any sound whatsoever from any source. I’ve tried many different setting and sources but I get nothing from movies or music. I tried with the base install and the 4.9 MVC install and still nothing. I’m going Vero>yamaha receiver (I tried different cables and inputs). When I look at the hdmi info on my receiver it seems like there is no input coming in.

Your settings look like they should be correct. If you temporarily turn off passthrough for testing purposes do you get sound? If not I would connect it directly to your display to see if you get sound output with that connection. You likely would need to enable only AC3 passthrough for the display test unless you know it supports the other audio formats.

If I do not pass thru to receiver I do get sound in my computer monitor and headphones. I have no idea why I can’t get any connection with my receiver. I’ve tried 3 different inputs and cables.

Just to try and rule out settings issues on the receiver, have you tried another HDMI source on that input to see if you get sound?

I’ve had a couple generations of Yamaha’s and there a lot of options, the default is usually Auto, but you never know

I’ve tried everything receiver wise to get this going - Different cables, different settings, different inputs, just trading places with my apple tv and I can’t get any signal. It looks like PCM is trying to connect on my osd but it just flashes and I get the decoder off message and no signal on my osd.

“If I do not pass thru to receiver I do get sound”

Did you already try turning off Passthrough in the audio settings so it sends PCM?

Every once in a while I will get stuck with “Decoder off” for no reason and removing power from the receiver and source device, then power them back on to get in sync

Yes I tried to send PCM but still got nothing through the receiver. I’ll try unplugging the receiver if that worked for you.

Just to simplify things I would keep passthrough off while your trying to get audio out of your AVR initially. You have confirmed that you are getting PCM audio output from the Vero and at least one cable so it would seem the issue is with the AVR. I would start by unplugging the AVR from the wall for a couple minutes and see if that gets you somewhere. If it doesn’t I would recommend googling or checking the manual of your AVR to find out how to do a factory reset.

Well I’ll be darned, I tried everything for 3 days and unplugging the receiver worked. Everything is working great now.