New vero 4k problem

just received 2 new vero 4k units. First one set up ok barring a couple of ‘freeze ups’ whilst downloading ‘add on’ files, now running fine on OSMC
The second unit initially booted into the OSMC setup menu but after a power down rebooted with ‘Waiting for root filesystem device/dev/vero-nand/root’
'Fatal Error: could not find root filesystem device/dev/vero-nand/root- if this is USB install please check USB drive is connected
OSMC Initramfs Rescue Console For help and support see https://

Please note I have not reset the box or inserted an SD Card into same. I did try the ‘IR extender eye’ into both the 3.5mm jacks on the back as there is no info on which to use

My previous Vero2 has exactly the above problem (posted on this site) which I am still trying to resolve

These boxes cost to much money to have these kind of problems - I hope someone can help with the above or Sam is going to have to open a service / repair dept
John Williams Isle of Man

Have you tried to reinstall the osmc with an sd card?

How did you power down? From the power menu or did you just pull the plug?

pulled the plug
thanks your reply

This can explain it, never just pull the plug, always Power off System from the menu.
I guess there is no other option than to reinstall.

not yet, reluctant to do that as unit just out of the box
right now the darn thing has got a full android ‘Recovery’ screen with a menu of options e.g ’ apply update from cache’ or ‘reboot to bootloader’ or ‘wipe data/factory reset’ etc
thanks your reply

I don’t understand, vero is not running android. What Android recovery are you talking about?

There should not be such a menu

This is the new vero 4K. I do not understand where the android has come from but assure you it is on my screen. If you can tell me how to send you a screen shot will send by return. Sorry I do not know how to do this

A photo would be good. Also a photo of the device itself. Where did you buy it from?

Hi John,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the new Vero 4K. We’ve shipped a lot of these, so statistically some are going to fail, but I think your issue may have actually occurred from pulling the plug. In future, you should power down the Vero via Kodi first, then remove the power.

This is by design. When the OSMC setup walkthrough is running, we don’t want it bogged down or exiting during add-on updates, so we suppress them until the walkthrough has completed. Once this is done, we then allow add-ons to update themselves. As Kodi Krypton is a new release, there are likely quite a few language pack updates and other add-on improvements that were downloading and updating.

Allow me to explain Vero 4K’s boot process:

  • When the device is powered on, UBoot is loaded and initialises the device.
  • Vero 4K checks for recovery (reinstallation) medium on an SD card.
  • If it does not find any, Vero 4K loads the kernel from /dev/boot.
  • If it cannot load this kernel, Vero 4K will load the recovery kernel from /dev/recovery.

An Android recovery screen will be displayed when the device cannot boot the OSMC kernel. We use the SoC provider’s upstream Android recovery as it may be useful for Android dual-booting on the Vero 4K in the future.

I had planned to reserve some eMMC storage and add the OSMC installer kernel to /dev/recovery to allow for an automatic restore without external media if there was a fault, but decided against doing it this early as the version being restored may have early bugs. I’ll likely deploy this in a future version however.

I would suggest you grab an SD card and read the reinstallation guide. I suspect this will get you up and running again.