New Vero2 booted to Android straight out of the box

I just plugged in my brand-new Vero2 straight from the (presumably factory) sealed box and was quite surprised to see a bit “MBOX” logo followed by an Android desktop. I certainly hope that I can flash it back to OSMC because I do not want Android on it…

What is going on here? Are you now shipping Vero2 with Android pre-installed to the NAND flash? Please let that not be the case. It would be a shame if OSCM/Vero turned into just another Android box :confused:


We have a NAND build of Android, it’s unlikely, but possible that got flashed instead of OSMC. You should be able to install OSMC directly from and plug in an SD card. I actually image the devices myself, as if we do them at the factory, they will become outdated very quickly.

You can also grab an SD card version of Android from

Most odd.


Thanks, I managed to dig up an un-used SD card and flash it to OSMC… you might want to double-check because mine was most certainly booting Android from NAND straight from the box!

I usually remove a carton of Vero 2 (20 per box), connect them to power and a network switch, and flash them with the latest OSMC release. This means customers always receive a recent version, they get a quick test to make sure they work, and we can then put in the appropriate plug for the customer.

The imaging is done via a network switch. I was experimenting with Android on the NAND when we were having problems with the SD card boot, and may have plugged it in to a different switch (and caused U-Boot to grab the wrong image).

Fortunately the issue is quickly resolvable as you can see, but I will keep an eye out for other reports!