[NEWBIE] Access a smb drive with user/password


I have a windows network with a NAS on it. I see how to find it on osmc but not how to fill user and password to access it.


If you add a ‘source’, and you go via the smb network, it should give you a box with places for username, password, and whether to remember details for this ‘path’. Are you saying you don’t get this, or is there some other problem?

Yes, I don’t have any boxes to put username/password. I have “operation not permitted” instead. I have an osmc installed with NOOBS.

I don’t resolve this problem but I resolve my problem with enabling NFS from my NAS.

NFS is a more efficient file sharing protocol. Also, much easier to set up in my opinion. People should try to use this whenever possible.

I confirm, it’s easier :smile:

I have similar problem too:
I have Rpi2 and OSMC RC3.
I have a router ZTE H108NS with USB with Samba access enabled and I have connected a HDD.
When trying to add the USB HDD via smb to OSMC I do not get prompted for username and password.
Any hints anyone?
Thanks in advance,

Are you still on the OSMC skin? Try using confluence?

Hi , thanks, I had the same idea last night, and it worked !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: