Newbie needs help - got a page of errors on initial boot up

I’ve tried it on multiple internet connections and got the following errors:

Can you check from your router if the device gets a network connection? Means MAC shown and IP assigned?

I’m not sure how to check the MAC address and IP on the device. But what I did do was to hook it up to two other connections that I know work, because I can get to the net on them and my ROKU also works on those.

When I substitute the Vero 4k for the ROKU, I get the following:

From another machine on the same network try this:
ping 192.168.x.255 - Choose a suitable value for ‘x’ and let it run for 10 seconds or so, then Ctrl-C
arp -a

You’ll need to choose your correct network address. The network is likely to be either 192.168.0.* or 192.168.1.*, so change ‘x’ accordingly. If in doubt, ifconfig (Linux) or ipconfig (Windows) will tell you your IP address.

It should work both on a Linux box or a Windows box (certainly on Linux).
If your 4K is connected, it will probably have a MAC address of c4:4e:ac:xx:xx:xx - where xx will be actual values.

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I think you emailed me about this last night.
I would recommend a reinstallation from

This should get you up and running again.

Actually just saw on some pictures that the MAC is on a label on the bottom of the Vero

Hi Sam, I just downloaded the 2017.03-1 image for the vero 4k from the website. I inserted the microSD card into the slot of the Vero 4k and powered it up.

I verified that the internet connection I hooked it up to was active. In fact, I moved the cable from this computer over to the 4k.

This is the error message I got.

I used an app called “FING” on my cell phone to see all the devices I have connected to the router. The Vero 4K does not show up. Everything else does, including my Chromecast and my Roku.

Did you use the installer to install the image on the SD Card?


I clicked on the file and a pop up window asked me where I wanted to save the file to. I chose the microSD card. I tried both the 2017.03-1 and 2017.02-1 releases. Both gave me error messages. This is getting frustrating :frowning:

Download the Installer for the OS you run on your PC.

I downloaded the installer and ran it. It saved the image to the microSD card and then tried to extract the file. I then got an error. I don’t see how this is any different than saving the image of the file to the microSD card to begin with.

Am I using my computer to extract the file or is the Vero supposed to extract the file?

If I just leave the omsc-installer.exe file on the card and insert that into the Vero, I get a whole bunch of errors. If I run the file on my computer, it asks me if I want to download OMSC on the card. I say yes. It downloads the software. Then it asks me if I’m sure I want to install OMSC on the device I selected. I’m still on my PC. I say yes and then I get an error message "an error occured while writing the image. But I already got the image from the list below the windows installer on the downloads page. So I’m more confused now. Help!

You run the osmc-installer.exe on the PC. It downloads the necessary files and writes them to the SD card, which you should also have inserted in your PC’s SD card slot.

Once the process has finished, you then transfer the micro SD card to the Vero 4K and then power it on.

The Vero 4K will do some further configuration before OSMC is finally started.

OMG, I actually followed the directions and got it to work!

Hallejuah! I hear singing in the background.

Thank you EVERYONE for all your help. 1 Million karma points!

This made me lol lots. Great work everyone!!

I’m glad it’s working for you now.

Keep an eye on it. It sounds like your device wasn’t loaded correctly before sending it out. The good news is that it should all be working fine now.