Newbie qns. Vero 4k + LG C7 4K TV frame skipping

Hey guys,

Newbie questions here and I am aware that I am asking questions about an LG TV here but figured I would give it a shot.

I am getting frame skipping from my h265 videos. It occurs every 5 to 10 seconds and is most noticeable in a slow camera pan. I am playing them back from a local USB, the total size of these files is no more than 8GB for a feature film so I know its not a transfer issue. I’m thinking it is the display on the TV. When I set “Adjust display refresh rate: Always” the problem is still there. When I set “Sync Playback to display” it fixes the problem. Does this mean that the TV is not able to play 23.98 correctly? The TV is new and I’m still learning about it but I’m kind of bummed out if it can’t view movies properly. Should I turn on the TruMotion?



I’m sure some others can chime in here.


What image mode are you using? The C7 can do 24p just fine (when Real Cinema is on). You can enable TruMotion if you want motion interpolation, but it seems to be a very subjective thing so go with what looks best to you (some people like SOE; some don’t).

Are you able to share the file you are playing? I am happy to test it on my B7 and let you know if I experience any issues.

To me, this sounds like a source issue.

Sounds like you have a file that should have been 24fps, and its been encoded at 25 or something else.

There’s an easy easy to tell, press the menu lines button on the remote then then middle enter button to give you all the info while its playing. Is the “frame skip” counter going up? If its not going up but you still see the skipping, its your source.

Thank you for your reply… I’m still getting used to my (wonderful!) new Vero 4K and LG C7. I’m trying some more files because the one that was a major problem was one that I made myself through handbrake but it is definitely running at 23.976. I didn’t realise you had to be in Cinema Mode on the TV to get 24FPS so I will try that tonight.

I have a lot more files from other places so will be experimenting with those! If I can’t resolve the issue, I will certainly take you up on the offer of checking the file.

Thanks again

Real Cinema is just for sources in 60p/60i to de-judder. It has no effect on 24p sources.

Source: LG C7 OLED Review (OLED55C7P, OLED65C7P) -

Search: Real Cinema.

I have the C7 and is has zero issue with 23.976 material from the Vero.

So you don’t use RealCinema? What are your settings coming out of the Vero and your settings on the LG TV?

I appreciate the help


I think Real Cinema is greyed out when you feed the TV a 24p source anyway. Can you do what one user asked - what is the frame drops/skips info like in the Vero when playing these files? That will tell us more.

There are no settings on the C7 that would make it skip frames at regular intervals.

Without testing your source there’s probably little else we can do.

Just a tip in general: to rule out any source material problems, play files from a USB stick / pen drive locally attached to the TV first.

Disable any picture “improvements” like tru-motion and whatnot.

Play around with the settings for Expert (Dark Room). Take those of for a start and adjust them to your personal taste.

Had to do some testing with the predecessor model, my B6, but it’s worth the time.

I use the LG OLED 65 B7V with Vero 4K, no issues with 24p or 23.976p. I have turned off everything regarding TrueMotion. I have RealCinema activated (it is greyed out if you send 24p or 23.976p). Remember to enable auto adjust video refresh rate.

It may take more space, but I’d suggest that instead of using Handbrake just use MakeMKV to rip the DVDs/Blurays without re-encoding. That way you get full quality video, and less problems like you are currently having. And with the correct drive, MakeMKV can now handle UHD discs.

For the sake of clarity, 24p is 23.976fps. 24hz is 24.000hz. The LG can handle both just fine.

So there is clearly something I am doing wrong with the setup of my Vero. Last night I played a blu ray from my PS4 Pro, 4K netflix from Apple TV and ALL the test files directly from the LG media player using the USB port. I didn’t need any Trumotion or anything, everything worked flawlessly without any judder.

I was researching and was wondering if setting up my Vero GUI at 4K at the beginning was causing trouble? The files are not skipping frames (according to the debug as it is playing).

I’ll keep playing to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, the LG media player is actually pretty sophisticated! h265, 4K, the works!

The GUI should be set to 1080p, Adjust Display refresh: Start or Always and Sync Playback should be off.

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If you’re not seeing skipped frames, your encodes are likely just incorrect. Either way the LG C7 + Vero works just fine as a “general” statement.

Also, the LG ‘s built in media player is ok for non-UHD movies / remuxes. For UHD remuxes it has issues in lots of movies (shows up as crazy macroblocking errors at the same time stamp each time). No issues with the Vero playing these, of course.

It’s all working perfectly now! The GUI resolution was at 1080p and the refresh rate was 60fps. I set it to 24 and now everything works great; 23.98, 24, 25, 30 you name it!

I guess I didn’t know that the system wouldn’t adapt the refresh rate down, it only goes up. Maybe this could be made more clear or the device could default to 1080p / 24fps?

Again thanks for everyone’s help! I LOVE this device!

The refresh rate should be changing regardless of the GUI refresh rate.

What are Adjust Display Refresh and Sync Playback set to?

The Vero absolutely adjusts refresh down. Something else is screwy here.

I think I tracked down the problem. I was playing files off of a USB stick, once I got my big hard disk playing the files, it seemed to go away. I guess it was a buffering problem coming off of the USB stick?

Anyway, all is good on that front now.

Was it an old USB stick? That’s indeed likely the issue