Newly rebuilt RPi2 with RC Issues

Hello all,
I’ve recently rebuilt my RPi2 with the latest release candidate (was the only option available) and i’m experincing a couple of issues

Doing a “top” command in shows that “w1_bus_mas+” is consuming 32% of CPU cycles. Does anyone know what this is?!

Also, I enabled LIRC remote but i’m no longer able to see the configuration app under the OSMC application to select the type of remote nor am I able to specify the GPIO ports. How can I fix this

Thanks in advance

p.s. I read the blog about the latest fixes/changes and it mentions changes to remote and says to refer to the wiki page but i couldn’t find anything about LIRC or remote GPIO configuration anywhere!

This process is not running on my install of OSMC and I have never heard of it before - what additional hardware do you have connected, and what other software have you installed ?

I don’t really follow you here - you’re saying that you did have the remote selection option in OSMC settings and then later it is no longer there ? Are any of the other icons missing ? What did you do in the mean time ?

Have you tried checking for and installing the latest updates ?