NFS FSTAB mount not working

I have been trying to get an NFS mount with FSTAB working (following the wiki) and I’m not having any luck.
The share I am trying to mount is on my linux server ( and is called /media/USB_MoviesA/Movies.
I am trying to mount it to /mnt/Server_MoviesA.

This is the line in my FSTAB: /mnt/Server_MoviesA nfs noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0

I sudo mount -a and try to browse the directory but it is empty. There are no error messages when I make the mount -a command.
No idea what I am doing wrong!

Did you reload systemd…

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart

or reboot before trying to access the mount?

The fstab line looks ok. You didn’t mention whether your Vero has permission to access the NFS share. Run

showmount -e

to see which IP addresses can access its shares.

Rather than running sudo mount -a, I’d recommend that you try sudo mount /mnt/Server_MoviesA. For further debugging info, run sudo mount -v /mnt/Server_MoviesA

It looks like you’ve already created it, but the mount point should exist.

@darwindesign had the answer.
I can’t believe you actually expect people to read and follow the clear, concise instructions you’ve provided :relaxed:


In the time of “apps” - it is much to expect. Yes!