NFS or iscsi, which performs better?

so far ive mounted my NAS via NFS to the vero OS. So far so good. A lot better performance than SMB. 4k plays nicely.
Now im changing the NAS to use ISCSI and i wonder: Will performance even increase ?
Anyone done this ? I dont see much about iscsi in here.
And: I would have to mount it read only cause it will be mounted read/write to another server already and it aint a cluster FS on it, its ext4.

What you guys think ? If you guys tell me the performance gain aint worth it i wont try :slight_smile:


If performace is the only reason you’re considering iSCSI, I doubt if you’ll find a significant difference. Why not experiment with both?

As you said, unless you use a file system that is designed to be mounted by two different machines at the same time, iSCSI is not useful at all, and causes more problems than it solves. NFS exposes file systems in a way that allows multiple machines to operate on the file system at the same time, as long as they don’t try to change the same file at the same time. So, you really shouldn’t even consider iSCSI.

That said, the performance for the operations that Kodi performs (lots of sequential reads) is going to be far more affected by the network and the underlying hard disk drives than any file system.

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If you can play 4K without any issues, then I’d say if it ain’t broke…

yup, don’t use iscsi for sharing to multiple machines, that’s not what its designed for and probably a good way to lose your data even if you do mount it readonly. stick to nfs4

very true. it takes up to 5 secs to start a 4k movie, it could be better but no biggie :slight_smile:

iscsi is very much meant for mutliple machines to access it. Lots of Hypervisors can use it. Use it with a clusterenable fs like vmfs or others and it works. But thats not the use case here :slight_smile:ive got ext4 on it.

thx for your input !