NFS Server-side Copy

I currently have an ext3 NFS4 network share set up between my OSMC server and Raspbian client.

They are both updated to the latest release as of July 2016.

I notice dramatic slowdown on the OSMC device when the client moves a large file between directories on the share. I believe this is because the file is being copied by the client across the network connection, rather than a server-side being performed.

Is NFS4 server-side copy/move supported by the Linux fork being run by OSMC?

If so, how can I configure the NFS share to use this functionality?

OSMC will do NFSv4 if you mount it via fstab.

Thanks for taking a look Sam.

I have an NFSv4 share set up on my OSMC RPi server.

Server-side copy is a feature of NFSv4.1+.

Does the Debian fork for OSMC have an NFSv4.1/4.2 server implemented in its distribution?

NFSv4 is implemented in the kernel, unless you are using userspace mounts, which isn’t ideal. Our kernel is 4.4 based and is not tied to Debian. NFSv4.1 is enabled for Pi platforms. Use an fstab mount for optimal performance.

BTW, OSMC isn’t a fork of Debian

Okay, thanks Sam.

Linux kernel 4.4 implements NFSv4.2, so I will have to do a bit more debugging to figure out why my RPi OSMC NFS server is slowing down during large file moves.

It may be that the NFS client isn’t triggering a server side copy, or that it is something else related to the move (like a library scan) that is the cause.