NFS share hangs when trying to mount on OSMC

Hi, I’m trying to mount an NFS share from my host (Ubuntu 14.04) to my OSMC (RC2, Raspberry Pi 1), but I cannot manually mount it, nor does the GUI recognize my share. When I run sudo mount /home/osmc/mnt when ssh’d to the OSMC, the system hangs indefinitely with no output (though I haven’t tried waiting longer than 10 minutes or so).

My /etc/exports file on my host looks like this:


I’ve been messing with my /etc/fstab file on my OSMC as well, but I figure I should at least be able to manually mount it before worrying about that much more.

I’ve tried opening ports 111 and 2049 on my host and 4045 for my OSMC, if that matters. I can also successfully mount my exported media folder on a virtual machine running CentOS.

Does anyone know what’s up here?