No addons - Youtube, Ted Talks, etc

Using original Viro mainly for Youtube and Ted Talks. After a recent upgrade, the “Add-ons” menu was gone. I can create new menu items for these, but playback fails.

Where exactly are the log files?

Any ideas?

  • Jim

Is this a Vero 1 from 2015?


Most likely. I was an early adopter.

Time to upgrade. :wink:

512m RAM doesn’t go far these days.

Edit: oh yes a Vero, not a pi, I need to read slower.

The original Vero had 1GB RAM.
It’s last supported version is Kodi Krypton (v17). The YouTube add-on may no longer work on this version, but I’d be surprised if this was the case.

Can you show us a photo of the device you have?