No ALSA: Playback/recording through the PulseAudio sound server in Audio output settings


I have followed the procedure to install pulseAudio + alsa to be able to stream music via BT to external BT speakers. The Speakers are connected to the rpi-3, no problem there. But in the Audio output menu the only selections available are analog, hdmi, hdmi and analog. What could wrong? I do not have the log for this, but will get it if there is no obvious answer.

p.s. the use of log files for getting help debugging is a bit opaque. For example, what is it your supposed to do? Ssh into the osmc machine, copy the file on a working computer, edit the file and send it to you, or is there another procedure? I would contribute clear text on this issue if taught on how to do it…

What is opaqe in instructions given here? We want to make them as clear as possible so if you have any thoughts on improving them feel free to contribute.

Actually I am not sure if it is currently possible to recieve the audio via BT and sent it out via BT at the same time.

You mean you paired them? Are you using an external BT dongle or the interal RPI3 one?

You can provide logfiles via grab-logs -A

Looks like this simply does not work as stated on a different thread. You might have answered simply…

Yeah just figured that out when I replied the other thread that if you just installed it now it would fail due to the out update.