No audio only with 1080p


I’ve been using OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 2 for over a year with my old TV and had no problem playing x264 1080p videos on it.

Yesterday I switched to a new 4K TV and noticed that when I play any 1080p video on the Pi I get no audio. Anything that’s 720p is fine. At first I thought the Pi might run on a higher resolution because of the new TV, but after checking the settings it was still set to 1920x1080…

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any ideas?


Do you have passthrough enabled? Does TV support passthrough?

It’s not so clear on this page: if it supports it or not. Either way - where in the OSMC/Kodi settings can I even toggle it on and off?

So I managed to solve the problem.
Turns out the OSMC was outputting audio at 2.1 channels, and since I am using the built-in speakers on the TV it only supports 2.0 channels. For some reason that screwed up the TV and it wouldn’t play any audio for the higher quality videos (probably because they take advantage of more than just 2 channels).

Long story short, turning the audio output to 2.0 channels fixed the problem.