No audio output when HDMI selected

The issue I am having has got to do with audio output. I am using the Pi (raspberry pi 2 b) as a media center, I am outputting the display through an HDMI cable and was originally outputting audio through this as well. However, issues with my av receiver made me have to temporarily use the analogue audio output on the Pi. I have fixed the issues on the av receiver side and want to go back to using the HDMI to output audio, however when I configure the Pi to output audio using HDMI only, I get not audio, not even gui sounds. I have to configure the Pi to output audio for both analogue and HDMI for me to be able to get sound output, even though there is nothing connected to the analogue anymore…

I was able to upload a log file to

Hi Wolf7250,

I’m seeing a lot of:

9:21:10.509 T:1680077808 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting

Or similar look error messages. I maybe wrong, but I think its time to backup your settings and addons and re-image your sd card. If your still having issues it could be a sign of a failing sd card, and time to replace,

Thanks Tom.

Thanks @Tom_Doyle, that fixed the issue.


Glad to hear its all sorted.

Regards Tom.

I have the same problem but it did not work although through re-imaging.