No composite image on TV except for Raspbian splash screen

Hello everyone,

So I connected a TV to composite audio/video in my Rpi2b, when I turn it on I press the #2 key on my keyboard and I see the Raspbian splash screen on my TV, but then the screen goes black after the splash screen and never shows anything else.

I doubt there are errors in the Raspbian installation since I am able to use a computer monitor with out issue via HDMI to VGA adapter.

Is there any code I need to modify in order to keep the image past the splash screen or…?


Oops, sorry not sorry. Whichever OS I choose, I only get the splash screen, name it osmc or… Whatever.

What operating system do you have installed? It sounds like you have Raspbian rather than OSMC.

You think so!?

It was a question. What have you got installed and how did you install it.