No Display after boot


so I bought a RPi 4/8GB and an Argon one case. I installed OSMC on the SD Card with Imager.
When I boot the RPI, I can see that its installing and so on… Then it reboots, I can see the OSMC logo again and that’s it. No signal. I tried with my LG TV (works fine with a rpi 3) and a LG Monitor (HDMI to DVI).But I can access via SSH and I changed the config.txt to

The only thing that changed is, that the OSMC logo has a higher resolution when I boot the RPI.

tvservice -n: no device present
tvservice -s: state 0x120009 [HDMI CEA (16) RGB lim 16:9], 1920x1080 @ 60.00Hz, progressive

Someone mentioned that it helps when you turn off both device for 2 minutes and then first plug in your monitor and then your RPI - doesn’t work either…

Thx in advance for your help

/edit I think I’m going crazy… Now I have the same problem with the Ubuntu installation… So I should take the RPI out of the case and connect the HDMI directly, right?

Worth a try, but if the logo is showing at 1080p, no reason why the GUI shouldn’t show up, especially on the TV.

Post some logs if the direct connection doesn’t help.