No Films/TV Series posters

Dear all,
I installed OSMC on my Raspberry PI model B and there’s no way to get Film and TV Series posters on GUI. Scrapers are enabled on both, so I don’t get where the problem is. Of course Internet is working with no restrictions.

Could anyone help me? Is maybe something missing?


So you added them to your library?

And have selected a fanart or poster view option in Movies or TVShows?

Yes I’ve added them on Video > Files and then selected the source (NAS on my network) on UPnP.

Sorry but where can I find that option?

Actually scrolling down Films or TV Series I see on the left a grey image with a “ciak” drawn.

You need to set the content type to Movies or TVShows for it to be read into the database.

Bring up the context menu (right click) on the video source, click Edit Source, then look for “This directory contains…”.

Ok, I’ll try this evening and let you know.
Thank you very much

Don’t use upnp if you want it added to the library. Last I heard it’s not supported.

Once selected as a network location (and not as UPnP device) I’ve got it working.

Thanks all!