No issues with August update on RPi3B

Hi all,

I’ve been keeping up with reports of regressions involving the August update on the RPi3, especially as they relate to video performance because there is no longer support for hardware acceleration.

With the above in mind, it was with some considerable trepidation that I bit the bullet and upgraded my RPi3B. Before I upgraded, I cloned my SD card in case I needed to fall back. Then, after having some issues with “connectivity” (reported elsewhere and resolved quickly), I downloaded and installed the update.

The installation process went off without a hitch and I was soon looking at the new OSMC interface. The only issue was my wifi did not connect and consequently NextPVR could not load. I tinkered with the network connection (after figuring out the My OSMC had moved in the menu system) and got the connection back and then disabled and enabled NextPVR.

I went on to view several live OTA TV programs and both video and audio played fine. As far as I could tell, there was no regression from the November version of OSMC. I then played a couple recorded programs with the same result; i.e., to my eyes, there was no regression in video performance.

I have another RPi3B running in my living room that I will also upgrade, once I completely convince myself that all is well with the one I just upgraded.

I wanted to report my findings here in case anyone has any trepidation about upgrading. I’m sure there are use cases for which there are notable regressions, but for my primary use cases, there were none.

My thanks to the OSMC team for a job well done!

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That’s not correct – there is hardware acceleration but not for as many codecs as before.

Sorry, Sam, and thanks for the clarification.

Clearly, I haven’t understood this topic well. Judging from some other posts here, the topic is pretty deep technically, way beyond my capability!

The good news for me, though, is that my RPi3B is, so far, doing what I want it to do while running the August release. I had real doubts that it would based on what I had been reading here in the last couple months.

Thanks again.

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