No Live Feed from ISS via Nasa


I have Kodi (OSMC) installed on a Raspberry Pi, recently the Nasa ‘addon’ will not play the live stream from the ISS. Initially the revolving icon says working then nothing.

Click it again, sometimes (not always) I get an option to resume from a specific time location or start from the beginning, whatever option I select I then get a message ‘One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message’

Assuming it is the Kodi log I can get no inspiration from the text although this is repeated loads of times;

10:09:50 1486.710571 T:2928362528 ERROR: CecLogMessage - Open - vc_cec could not be initialised
10:09:50 1486.710938 T:2928362528 ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not open a connection (try 7)
10:09:51 1487.713013 T:2928362528 ERROR: CecLogMessage - RegisterLogicalAddress - vc_cec_set_logical_address(E) returned invalid arg (8)

Any pointers appreciated.


I wouldn’t expect a msg about CEC to have any bearing on this.
You should post full logs, with debug on, as the forum sticky advices

Apologies,missed your reply completely.

Trouble with logs is they can be huge so as the plugin suggested check the logs I decided to check for errors rather than post masses or normal log data.

Not even sure what log it is referring to either.


This is an issue with the addon itself. Not an OSMC issue.