No Live TV Channel list after October update

I updated to the October update this morning and now when i click on the PVR & Live TV option in the main menu it doesnt load any of my channels and sometimes crashes my Vero 4k+, but at the time of taking the log it did not crash.
I have linked to my log file in the hope there is something there.

Before doing this update i could use Live TV as normal (apart from the Cloudflare HTTP2 issue).
I use the Simple IPTV Plugin and the m3u and epg files are located on my NAS using xteve.
When i click on the Live TV option no channels are displayed and the only thing i can do is press the back button to exit Live TV back to the main menu, i do not have any option to change channel group or anything like that.

Are you sure the file is still there?
What happens if you use curl to download it from the Vero?


AddOnLog: PVR IPTV Simple Client: Unable to load playlist file ‘’: file is missing or empty.`

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Thank you, stupid me for not doing a proper diagnostic as i only noticed after updating. While xTeve was running, for some reason it wasnt generating the playlist, restarting xTeve sorted the issue.

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