No more boot config.txt empty

Hi everyone,
i installed OSMC on my raspberry 3b+ for the second time.
After some days of normal usage, i can’t boot. I notice that config.txt is empty so i tried to fill with the previous lines, but it still not boot.
The same problem happens again.
Why this kind of problem, can i retrieve my settings?
Is it depend of operating system or is an hardware problem?

Most likely broken SD Card. Suggest to test card with H2Testw before reinstalling.

Sounds like a fake SD card. Some people take small cards and manipulate them to appear much larger. When you write enough information to fill past what the real size is it starts writing over the information that was previously there. The file table lists all the files it thinks is there, but if it is pointing to good info or not depends on when that was written. They can be a bit tricky as they do work right up until you write past a certain amount of information. The program fzinken mentioned can test for both a droken/defective, as well as a fake.

i checked with that program but on windows i can see only the boot partition of 300MB. It terminated without errors. I’ll format the sd and retry that check. If it pass i ll install the system again. One question, if i copy the .folder can i save all my settings?

If you wanted to grab your Kodi settings you would have to use a Linux OS as Windows cannot read the ext4 partition. If the SD is damaged or fake then it would be likely this information is at least partially corrupted. You can use something like win32 Disk Imager to image the SD before you erase it just in case you want to retain the option of recovering information.

i’m trying to check the sd with badblocks in linux. It’ll take a lot of time for a 32 gb mcro sd.
Thanks you, i ll tell if it will discover something

That would only be useful if the SD is defective. If you did a full write test with H2Testw it not only checks for defects, but it also will find fakes.