No network connection to KODI

I have a problem with network connection to KODI. It just doesn’t work. It works for raspberry, i can ping and update. Only thing I was able to do through KODI was uploading log’s.
Here is the same problem, but there isn’t a solution for this problem.
Here are my log’s


Have you read through the whole thread which you linked above?

yes I did.
one thing I didn’t check is the ping to router. pinging google there wasn’t any package losses.

While it is still not clear what is your network problem I just saw something in your config.txt that had already been pointed out as a risk. Limiting the GpuGPU mem to 64 can lead to problems for proper video out

Change gpu_mem_1024=64 to at least 128.
For network issue explain exactly expierence

Ok you need to explain yourself a little bit better because what you say is not clear at all.

If you were able to upload logs via My OSMC then you do have a working network connection. Otherwise this would not be possible. Also being able to run updates would be impossible if your network connection was not working, and I can clearly see in your log that you installed updates via My OSMC only yesterday.

So what makes you think you do not have a working network connection ?[quote=“rizhee, post:1, topic:13823”]
Here is the same problem, but there isn’t a solution for this problem.
Unless your ISP is broken I can almost guarantee that you do not have the same problem as in that thread…(the root cause of trouble in that thread was a broken ISP which had routing problems and high packet loss)

looks like problem was in old switch witch connected cables from different rooms. connected directly to modem and everything is working right now.
Changed GPU mem to 128 as well. Probably will increase to 256.

Thanks all for the help.


Good choice. Glad you got things sorted.