No new Update OSMC

Hi, why are not there new update of OSMC of May and June?


The next update is currently in staging and should be released soon.

What would you like to see in a new update?

The June update is available now:


Please, could you add in the next update an option to view the title of the file while watching I video. For example: I click “Return” in controller TV and I would see a line with the title of file.

Which skin are you using?

Although dependant on what skin your using I would think most would show what you want if you bring up “info” during full screen playback.

With “exit” command on controller TV it working properly.

I don’t understand the meaning of this sentence.

Sorry for my answer. To view the title of the file while I am watching the video, I have discovered that you need to click the “Exit” button on the Samsung TV remote control. The video continues to play, and when I click “Exit” I see the menu and file name with the playing time (above the video). If I repeat “Exit” again I go back to viewing the video.

I am using OSMC template + Samsung TV.

Problem solved.

That’s not the way it’s meant to work… The info dialog is exactly what gives you the information you’re looking for during playback: title and the playback progress. Why exit out of the video player for that each time?