No Picture when streaming in youtube, or german TV mediathek, sound works

Hi community, I am not a high end user so please be patient. I was using Raspberry RC1 with Raspbmc and XBMC as mediaplayer. Somedays ago it stopped working, respectively stopped during the boot process. O.K. this happened already before, and I always installed the newest version from the raspberry website.
Last time I installed OSMC instead of Raspbmc. I managed to install services like Samba- and FTP-Server. When it came to install the video addons within KODI, I was installing some mediathek addons of german TV-Stations aswell as Youtube. Problem now, I cannot see the picture while sound is playing. Is there anyone who can help me to fix this issue ?
Thanks in advance

Sounds as if you may not have installed your MPEG2 licence to the new setup. Did you have one previously?

…it works now. I dont know wether the reason was the new install I executed yesterday evening or the configuration of the licenses. Fact is I didn´t need the license files for streaming in combination with Raspbmc software…Thanks anyway for your reply…