No signal to HDMI output after reboot or turning other devices on

I’m running OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3. RPi is connected to an AV receiver, which in turn is connected to a video projector. The setup has worked flawlessly for a couple of years, but now I have a strange problem.

An example: I watch today something with OSMC, leave RPi on but power off both the receiver and projector. Tomorrow I turn on receiver and projector, but the screen will stay blue (i.e. no signal). Sometimes OSMC screen will suddenly come up in a couple of minutes, sometimes I will see just “white noise”, sometimes the screen stays blue no matter how long I wait.

If I log onto OSMC console and do sudo shutdown -r now, I will see the OSMC logo before the screen goes blue again. Again, after the reboot, the OSMC may work after a while.

Also, if I switch off power plug from OSMC, the screen will be blue after showing OSMC load logo, but typically OSMC will be work in a minute or so.

Once the OSMC GUI is displayed, it works flawlessly.

Logs with edit on the source portion:

Sounds like it is likely an issue with a bad hdmi connection or cable. I would use another cable and for testing purposes connect the RPi directly to the projector. If the problem goes away you can backtrace from there. If the condition is the same then I would probably try another PSU.

This happens to me sometimes. Just switching to a different input on the AVR and back fixes it for me.

Reinstalling OSMC from scratch fixed the issue. Unfortunately I didn’t find out root cause.