No sound after using airplay by mistake

all of a sudden, my OSMC on PI3b+ has the sound to a very low level which started after a tried using airplay on my ipad. When going back to not using the airplay option (which seemed only to support audio), the sound was all of a sudden gone (the skin sounds completely, some YT videos you hear something with very low level). I checked the settings but could not find any option that resulted in the sound being ok again. I also checked the TV via same HDMI connection with other sources but they are fine. Any idea what went wrong? I hate to have OSMC installed from scratch as you have to do all these settings for YT with developers keys etc.

Did some further “investigation” i.e. installed OSMC again on a new sd card and that works fine as far as sound goes. I tried to find any difference in settings in System, Sound, but could not find any. Appreciate any hints where I’m overlooking something.

Kodi has two types of volume control. One is a internal control that adjusts the PCM output and the other is sending volume commands to the CEC bus which gets picked up by the amplifier device. There are situations where sometimes the internal volume gets set to something other than 100% but the regular volume adjustment through the remote control will not change it as it is set to control via CEC. The simplest way to rectify the situation is probably to either use the web interface or a Kodi remote control app on a smart phone (which volume gets set may differ depending on the app so this may be trial and error) to adjust it back up.

Thanks, that was indeed the solution. When using the app I noticed the volume was set to 30%.

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Indeed that was the solution. As a ‘side effect’ I now have a second installment on a different SD card as reserve in case the SD card stops functioning.