No sound in profile 2

I created a second profile because I need to have another video resolution when watching series with odd aspect ratios (2:1) at first I experienced crashes with my vero+ when switching profiles but that seem to have gone away when I changed skins. But there is a very very low volume output in profile 2, I switched back to the master profile and the sound is normal, I tried to make sure the sound settings are the same too, any idea on a quick fix or do you need some logs to help me?


What device are you using?

vero+ - sony receiver - projector if that is what you mean?

Are the settings definitely the same for both profiles?


I think so, can double check again, its the sound settings under system-audio output right or are there sound settings somewhere else I need to check too?

weird, sound is back now :slight_smile:

update again, sound is have now having problems in master profile, but only 1 epsiode of a series which has no sound at all, the others are normal.